Shhh Do you hear that?

It's your taste buds screaming for a change. They're longing for unexpected combinations. Tantalizing choices. The tastopia they will find at Saladelia Café.

Saladelia brings the flavor of the Mediterranean right to your mouth with all of the traditional essences of Lebanese and Greek cuisine, masterfully combined within our signature entrees, sandwiches, wraps, salads and desserts.

However, we don't just know food; we know you want a wholesome, healthy meal with a medley of flavors that will seduce you.
  • We support our Local Farmers, and we buy Organic when possible
  • Our Chicken is all-natural grain fed
  • Our beef is free of hormone and antibiotic
  • Our seafood is wild caught
  • Our desserts and pastries are made with locally milled organic flour
  • Our Milk is rBST free
  • We use only fresh, all natural, free range brown eggs
Are you in too big of a rush? No worries!

We provide a call ahead ordering for quick breakfast, lunch, and dinner take-out. What could be better?

To place an order, order online or give us a ring at 919-489-5776.

Remember to take a look at our daily specials!

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